Upgrade to the Latest Kernel.org Kernel with 1 click in Ubuntu

Now, a short description. KernelCheck is a project that is designed to easily build the latest kernel for your distribution using the instructions provided in the Master Kernel Thread. This automated process is a fork of AutoKernel by Robert Wolterman (xtacocorex), Timothy Janssen (mentok), and Kristof Verbeken (PinguinZ). KernelCheck is currently under the GNU Public License.


  1. Download KernelCheck

    Download it here (recommended)
    wget http://kcheck.sourceforge.net/pool/latest-stable/kernelcheck-latest.tar.gz
  2. Unpack the archive
    tar -xzf kernelcheck-*.tar.gz
  3. Install KernelCheck
    cd kernelcheck-*
    sudo python setup.py install
  4. Use it

Notes on KernelCheck

KernelCheck can be used for several purposes:
  1. Comparing your kernel with the latest from kernel.org
  2. Making fun of the Master Kernel Thread because it might be outdated
  3. Automatically downloading, compiling, and installing the latest kernel
KernelCheck can install either the latest stable kernel, or the latest stable prepatch. Usually the prepatch is less stable than the kernel, but it is still widely used.


KernelCheck can be used in a variety of ways, most commonly by opening a terminal and typing in
If the program started correctly, a dialog box like the one below should appear:

If you click yes, after a few moments one like the one below should appear:

The 'Build Latest Kernel' button will download, compile, and install the latest stable kernel from kernel.org. By selecting the checkbox 'Apply prepatch instead of normal patch', it will apply the listed prepatch (development).

The 'Check for Program Updates' button will go to the KernelCheck website and parse finger_banner2 for the latest version of KernelCheck. If you are running the latest version, it will say so, and if you are not, it will ask you to update.

You can edit the /usr/bin/kernelcheck files to your needs, changing anything you like, because my program is under the GNU Public License Version 3 released June 2007.

KernelCheck 1.0.5 has been released!

Changelog (Key features only):
  • Added safe halt support (signal trapping) in both stages
  • Added network test (thanks to walkerk)
  • Added support for background processes
  • KernelCheck will not freeze anymore EXCEPT on security updates
  • Added security update ability

The 'Check for Updates' button in KernelCheck 1.0.4 (or patched 1.0.3r1) should automatically detect this upgrade. This has been tested with version 1.0.4.

Download at SF.net, or the download page.

Post questions, comments, etc. here.

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