PC-BSD the Ubuntu killer? *updated*

I was just on distrowatch.org today looking around to see whats hot, I downloaded a new os called PC-BSD, it is truly awesome, and believe it or not was almost faster than my host system on vmware, im so happy with it today on my birthday im about to install it on its own partition to see how it works with my wifi. I am a die-hard ubuntu fan but im just experimenting, and the .pbi installation system is seemless, faster and more efficient than apt... I'll keep experimenting, if ubuntu adds the .pbi package system it would totally kick ass..
Well I just installed pcbsd, it looked sweet and ran 100% faster than ubuntu but unfortunately pcbsd does not support my belkin usb rt73 wifi card, which I was really dissapointed.
The terminal isnt as userfriendly and is a bit confusing, and basically it needs allot of work. It also only has KDE and no Gnome, which i love.
Anyways I wasted a dvd that is going in the garbage, I hope the linux kernel and ubuntu run as fast as freebsd/pcbsd someday because im sticking with Ubuntu :D

Runs extremely fast, i mean damn fast, everything loaded instantly with low load times
Packaging system rocks!
Wifi support sucks
no gnome ;\


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