Introducing ioAmarok 1.47

Wow, I just found another truly unique application that runs fast as hell right from memory and does not require root access to install, so you non-root users can download this single file and you dont have to install a thing, it runs straight from ram and /tmp and believe it or not, it is faster than amarok because it is all pre-linked. No compiling, installing or anything is necessary.

This is for mobile users that use flash drives as well...
"Does not require KDElibs nor
QTlibs nor any mp3/4 adaptor."!

"ioAmarok is a recompilation of Amarok 1.47 for Infodomestic Objects Linux. It is developed and tested under Ubuntu Linux, and can be run with just one click without installation on your system."
ioAmarok is secure as well, since it runs in ram.

Download here
chmod +x ioAmarok1.4.7-feisty_InfodomesticObjects0.8.7
mv ioAmarok1.4.7-feisty_InfodomesticObjects0.8.7 ioAmarok

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