Parallels The New Ultimate Virtualization Solution?

Until now, Parallels has had problems compiling the the newest ubuntu kernels and now is working absolutely great on my ubuntu machine, i just ditched qemu, virtualbox, and vmware! Dont ditch yours just yet untill you have a feel of this Virtualization Solution that has suprised the hell out of me.

So far I have tried Windows XP, and PC-BSD and they both run much smoother on my box.

On my box I run Parallel's, Vmware Workstation, And VirtualBox, So It seems Parallel's is a little faster than Vmware Workstation and the Parallels Tools make VM's more responsive than vmware or VirtualBox.
Graphics and mouse are very responsive.
Cannot mount whole disk partitions
parallels-config did not install modules to /etc/modules so I needed to add:
although this may only be because I run vmware/vbox as well...
User Interface could be improved.

Here are some features:

Hypervisor Technology for Stronger, More Stable Virtual Machines:

Parallels Workstation is the first desktop virtualization solution to include a lightweight hypervisor that directly controls some of the host computer’s hardware resources. The inclusion of this trusted, mature technology ensures that virtual PCs built using Parallels Workstation are the most stable and efficient available.

Optimized for Hardware Virtualization:

Parallels Workstation’s lightweight hypervisor fully supports the benefits of next-generation CPUs built on Intel’s VT architecture, and will support AMD Pacifica architecture when it is released to the general public.

Strong OS Support:

A sophisticated virtual machine engine that offers the broadest support of x86-based operating systems, including:

  • Windows family - 3.1, 3.11, 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP and 2003

  • Linux distributions from popular distributors like Red Hat, SuSE, Mandriva, Debian and Fedora Core

  • FreeBSD

  • "Legacy" operating systems like OS/2, eComStation and MS-DOS.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use:

A powerful wizard enables users to create virtual machines in seconds. The industry’s cleanest, most user-friendly management console ensures hassle free control of all virtual machines.

Highly Efficient:

A small program footprint and trusted hypervisor technology maximizes the efficiency of both the primary and guest OSes.

Lowest TCO:

At only $49.99 per license, Parallels Workstation is the most cost effective virtual PC solution available today. Its ease of use, high-efficiency, quick startup time and responsive technical support program maximize value and significantly reduce TCO.

Install Necessary Packages

sudo aptitude install libqt3-mt-dev build-essential

Install Parallels
>>Download Here<<
Then, either automatically install it, or save it to desktop and double click it and install it. Your choice.

Configure Parallels
In the Terminal

sudo parallels-config
And agree to the license agreements.


Now all to do is enter your license code, and your ready to Virtualize.
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