Introducing ioSunbird Apple iCal for Ubuntu!

My friend Luca Cappelletti is kicking ass rolling out yet another fine release for mobile or non-root users or people that just want to download a program and start running it without wasting time installing a thing.

ioMozilla Sunbird® is a cross-platform calendar application, built upon Mozilla Toolkit. Our goal is to bring Mozilla-style ease-of-use to your calendar, without tying you to a particular storage solution.

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Luca has told me he has modified Sunbird to have the ease of use and look of Apple iCal, stay tuned for screenshots from me! Or beat me to it and post em :)

Easy install:
Simply grab ioSunbird here
chmod +x ioCalendarSunbird0.5-feisty_InfodomesticObjects0.8.6
or simply right click on the file to change properties to executable.
mv oCalendarSunbird0.5-feisty_InfodomesticObjects0.8.6 ioCalendarSunbird
or right click rename :)
Then double click or ./ioCalendarSunbird

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