Updated Site

Hey all, I hope everyone had a nice week and weekend, this weekend I added a google custom search for my page up on the top for you all to easily find things on my site via a search, im experimenting with it and I enjoy it allot, I hope others do as well, please let me know if you do not find certain content that you need and I will do my best to expand the knowledge contained on this site by expanding my own and yours in the process.

Lately I have been trying to make a nice Ubuntu Unleashed Banner in Gimp but I dont have that much skill in GFX yet, if anyone has any tips/tricks or cool graphics applications to help me on my quest I would appreciate it and link my site to yours. Also if you have some free time and have a GFX passion and wouldnt mind drawing something up for me, that would be great too. Anyways, because of you guys im striving hard to add more relevent content to your needs.

Thanks for visiting my site

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