Pidgin 2.2.0 package released for Ubuntu Feisty

This release incorporate improvements from Google Summer of Code 2007, Myspace IM, and bug fixes.

This release includes enhancement on the XMPP protocol made by Andreas Monitzer during the Google Summer of Code for Adium, more information can be found on Adium page.

Another feature I really enjoy is the ability to revert to the old gaim layout. For instance, a new entry in the menu Buddy->Show allows you to show protocol icons in the buddy list, right-clicking the empty space in the formatting toolbar allows you to toggle back to the old "ungrouped" version.

Yet, much more is shipped with this release of pidgin. Here is the complete changelog:

Version 2.2.0 (09/13/2007):

* New protocol plugin: MySpaceIM (Jeff Connelly, Google Summer of
* XMPP enhancements. See (Andreas
Monitzer, Google Summer of Code for Adium)
* Certificate management. Libpurple will validate certificates on
SSL-encrypted protocols (William Ehlhardt, Google Summer of Code)
* Some adjustments were made to fix sending messages when using
the MSN HTTP method. (Laszlo Pandy)
* Yahoo! Chat is fixed.
* Some AIM file transfer issues between Pidgin and other clients
have been fixed. (Kyryll A Mirnenko)
* Properly restore idle status and time for AIM and ICQ accounts
when they reconnect after being disconnected.

* Insert Horizontal Rules and Strikethrough text from toolbar.
* Option to show protocol icons in the buddy list, from the
Buddies > Show menu. (Justin Heiner)
* Ability to build with native, non-X11 GTK+ on OSX. (Anders
* Remember the 'Enable Sounds' setting for a conversation.
* Right-clicking the empty space in the formatting toolbar
allows you to toggle back to the old "ungrouped" version.
* Protocols supporting account registration via Pidgin now show
a descriptive checkbox instead of a vague "Register" button.
* Fixed a bug where a tab would be shown on single conversations
when tabs were disabled.

* Per-conversation mute and logging options (accessible from the menu).

To download and install add these two lines to System-> Administration-> Software Sources-> Third Party Software:
deb feisty multiverse
deb-src feisty multiverse

Then refresh Synaptic or sudo apt-get update && apt-get install pidgin
There ya go :)

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