Easy linux hosting on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn with Easy Hosting Control Panel

Hey I dont do my own hosting but I found out a great hosting solution for ubuntu, check it out and let me know what you think..

Easy Hosting Control Panel is designed for hosting of multiple domains on single machine.
It uses LAMP(LinuxApacheMysqlPhp).
Its aim:easily installable,easy usage, non-complex,functional.

Why use a control panel? Because hosting a domain in an ubuntu/linux system requires many settings to be done. hosting control panel makes these tasks easy, with webbased interface.
hosting means putting web pages on the internet for general use, as you do now..

ehcp is the first control panel in this field with its unique features such as: complete php based, object oriented, opensource and free. even install is using php, so it is extremely easy to learn and extensible..

There are many free hosting control panels, but none of them have these features. some have non-opensource code, some other then php, some is not object oriented..

ehcp is in beta stage. there are many things to do. but the main skeleton is built in a straight forward way.

version 0.18.1 released !

feature overview:

* php and apt-get based simple install,
* automatically installs and works: dns, apache, mysql, ftp, email, domains,
* most easy install: copy & paste in console and watch
* ready to use after install - at ubuntu
* adodb and phpmyadmin included
* object oriented programming using php,
* easily extendable/modifiable...

future plans:
* reseller implementation (soon),
* subdomain implementation(soon),
* server/services status,
* different language support.. (currently english/turkish mixed)
* plugin system using php
* auto detection of apt-get and install if not present...

simply copy and paste followin in your root console,

wget http://www.ehcp.net/ehcp_0.18.1.tgz
tar -zxvf ehcp_0.18.1.tgz
cd ehcp

You may find additional information at following project sites:
home page: www.ehcp.net


ehcp hosting control panel primarily supports ubuntu, tested on ubuntu 7.04lts
but virtually work on any other linux distributions with apt-get installed as well.

currently it supports linux'es only with apt-get.

in future, i will also add a feature so that it will detect and install apt-get automatically if not present. this is not the case now.

but. the control panel will always be focused and tested on ubuntu.
Ubuntu will be the primary platform for it.
in fact this is natural because Ubuntu is so easy to maintain...

you can find demo at: http://www.ehcp.net/demo
since it is demo, daemon is not running, if it runs, demo becomes real...
demo username: admin
pass: 1234

here is the developers information for your info/questions:
msn/email: bvidinli@iyibirisi.com
gmail/skype/yahoo: bvidinli

you may also find some info here:

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