Howto: Upgrade to Jaunty Jackalope

Jaunty Jackalope is currently in the Alpha 2 phase as of this post, you can follow the development release schedule here

To upgrade simply Press ALT-F2, and type in update-manager -d

A message will appear informing you of the availability of the new release.

Click upgrade.

Just a note, since this is alpha it isn't suggested to run on Production machines. Run it only if you care about bleeding edge software and don't care about system crashes and your confident your data is backed up safely.

I personally use a separate /home partition so I don't loose my valuable data, you can use the site search on this site to find information on that as well :)

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Howto: Install the Latest wine in Ubuntu Intrepid!

Previously I made this howto for Ubuntu Hardy, here is an updated post for Intrepid
Here is a quick way to add the winehq repository so you dont need to wait for the ubuntu community to add the latest wine.
Open up a terminal Applications->Accessories->Terminal
Now copy/paste these commands:
Adding the gpg apt key:
wget -q -O- | sudo apt-key add -
Lets add the Repository via wget:
sudo wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list.d/winehq.list
Now lets update our apt sources and install the latest wine!
sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install wine
Ok now you will always have the latest development wine package installed!

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New Google Gadgets for Linux 0.10.4

Google Gadgets for Linux provides a platform for running desktop gadgets under Linux, catering to the unique needs of Linux users. It's compatible with the gadgets written for Google Desktop for Windows as well as the Universal Gadgets on iGoogle. Following Linux norms, this project is open-sourced under the Apache License.

An important area where Google Desktop for Linux is different from its siblings on other operating systems is support for gadgets. Now, the Linux version of Google Gadgets will extend the gadgets platform to Linux users. By enabling cross-platform gadgets, a large library of existing gadgets are immediately available to Linux users. In addition, gadget developers will benefit from a much larger potential user base without having to learn a new API.

There's two main components to the application: one is a common gadget library responsible for running and presenting a gadget, and the other is a host program that allows the user to choose gadgets and run them on the desktop. Currently we have hosts written for GTK+ and QT, with the GTK+ host offering a sidebar similar to that of Google Desktop for Windows.

Download Google Gadgets for Ubuntu

Follow the Open Source Initiative here

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Games: Check out Assault Cube 1.0!

AssaultCube, formerly ActionCube, is a free first-person-shooter based on the game Cube. Set in a realistic looking environment, as far as that´s possible with this engine, while gameplay stays fast and arcade. This game is all about team oriented multiplayer fun.

More info about Assault Cube

Download Assault Cube

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New Linux Game: Go Ollie!

Ollie the Oligocheata is a worm on a mission.


He’s on a mission to bring mouse controlled platforming fun to everyone!


Go Ollie
is another great free game from Charlie Dog Games and features:

  • It’s completely free and so represents infinitely good value for money

  • Beautifully rendered scenes and animations

  • The latest in innovative mouse controlled platform gaming featuring a unique fusion of platform and match three gaming mechanics

  • Two gameplay modes:
    • Story Mode with over 60 individual levels each with three different objectives
    • Fast and furious action game with unlimited re-playability and high score table

  • A compelling story featuring romance, excitement and fairy duplicity

  • Only 16 Meg download and very low system requirements

  • Windows XP and Vista compliant (Linux version coming soon)

  • Did I mention the game is completely free??


Download Go Ollie!

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Introducing Firetorrent - Bittorrent Extension for Firefox 3.*

The FireTorrent extension strives to offer the most user-friendly BitTorrent experience. We've integrated the torrents manager as a seperate tab in your browser's download manager, and torrents can be downloaded from any website with a single click.

This results in a great user experience and should be attractive to both people that are new to downloading torrents and advanced users.

Install Firetorrent

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Openarena 0.81 FPS Game for Ubuntu

Openarena is one of my favorite games for Linux. I cant believe I havnt shared it on this site yet, if you like fps games definitely check this game out!

OpenArena is a violent, sexy, multiplayer first person shooter based on the ioquake3 fork of the id tech 3 engine. It has many game types beyond deathmatch and a lot of characters. Due to violent and racy content, it may not be suitable for children under 17.

Download Openarena

Openarena wiki, tweaks & other info!

If you got an extra machine with extra bandwidth you may want to consider contributing a gaming server to the openarena community, you can find more information on that here

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New: Spicebird 0.7 Released!

Spicebird is a collaboration client that provides integrated access to email, contacts, calendaring and instant messaging in a single application. It provides easy access to various web services while retaining all the advantages of a desktop application. The application is based on projects like Thunderbird, Lightning and Telepathy and adds more functionality and integration among its components.

This release of Spicebird adds the following functionality:

  • Chat with friends on services like Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM, ICQ and Jabber
  • Add iGoogle Gadgets to Spicebird
  • Disable the applications that are unused
  • Access Google calendar
  • Experimental support for managing blogs
  • Available in more than 10 languages
  • Basic set of add-ons
  • Import data from Thunderbird, Outlook and Outlook Express

For a detailed description of this release, see the release notes.

Download Spicebird Here

Spicebird Homepage

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New: Incollector 1.1 Released!

What is Incollector?
Incollector is an application to collect various kinds of information (like notes, conversation logs, quotes, serial numbers, source code, web addresses, words). All the entries can be tagged, so you can find them very easily. There are also search folders which allows you to search for entries by specified criteria. You can also export (and import, of course) entries to an external file.


Incollector has a very simple, intuitive graphical user interface, so you can start being productive with it right away. All the information you put into Incollector is easy to find again, too. Entries can have a "type", like "note", "source code sample", "serial number", etc, and they can be tagged as well, making searching and browsing a snap.
IC offers many useful customization options too. The Preferences window lets you choose your preferred web browser, and other helpful settings.
You can browse all your entries directly in the application window, or from the convenient tray menu pop-up.
When adding a new entry, you can tag it with your pre-existing tags, or create new tags on the fly. (Don't worry if you don't want to tag right away though, you can always tag and retag entries later!) You can also give your entries ratings of 1-3 stars, and take notes in the comment field to give descriptive summaries of a entry, and make searching even easier.
It's easy to share entries with friends and make backups in IC using the built-in importing and exporting features. Search folders are available in IC also, similar to what you may already be using in Evolution or Outlook. Search folders let you create a "saved search", making frequent identical searches painless.

Download Incollector Here

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New: Pidgin 2.5.3 Released!

Noteworthy in this release are that 58 bullet points are in the ChangeLog (not counting the headers for libpurple, Pidgin, Finch, and the protocols) and 85 tickets were closed, 40 of which were marked in trac as patches. Also of note is the insane amount of work Mark Doliner put into our MSN and MySpace plugins, which should resolve a number of crashes and the MySpace "doesn't sign off" issue.

A few big items to summarize:

  • Mark did massive code cleanup in MSN
  • Mark fixed a number of shortcomings in the MySpace IM protocol as well as doing code cleanup.
  • We accepted a ton of patches.
  • ICQ typing notifications should work for some third-party clients now.
  • XMPP resources now default to the empty string, causing modern servers to assign us a resource via a bind. In the event of an ancient server, such as the one DreamHost runs, we will detect the lack of this capability and enforce the default "Home" resource if a user hasn't set a resource.
  • XMPP resources can now include __HOSTNAME__ as a special token that will be replaced with the hostname of the machine being used. For example, if I run Pidgin on my MacBook and configure the resource on an XMPP account to be __HOSTNAME__, the resource sent to the server will be "macbook", since this is the hostname of my MacBook.
  • Some long-outstanding patches have been applied for Gadu-Gadu, implementing IM images.
  • Apply some patches for Zephyr, enabling autoreply when away to emulate zaway and some bugs with the 'use tzc' option.
  • We no longer get certificate errors for when logging into MSN and retrieving offline messages.
  • Many, many other things best read about in the ChangeLog.
Enjoy this release, which I'll call the "Thank-a-patch-writer" release!
Download Here

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Introducing Songbird Media Player 1.0

Songbird is an open-source customizable music player that's under active development, its one of my favorite music players, check it out

The songbird team is working on creating a non-proprietary, cross platform, extensible tool that will help enable new ways to playback, manage, and discover music.


  • Media Importing

    Add media to Songbird by importing from your file system or iTunes.

  • Media Playback

    Songbird supports MP3, FLAC, and Vorbis on all platforms; WMA and WMA DRM on Windows; and AAC and Fairplay on Windows and Mac.

  • GStreamer

    Songbird now uses GStreamer as our main media playback system, across all platforms.

  • Smart Playlists

    Create dynamic playlists that automatically update based on criteria you set.

  • Web Browser

    Songbird includes an integrated web browser with features like bookmarking, tabbed browsing, and more.

  • Cross Platform

    Songbird runs on Windows, Linux and Mac.

  • Multi-language Support

    Over 25 completed, community-contributed localizations and growing!

  • Automatic Updates

    Always stay up to date using Songbird's built-in automatic updates.

  • Setup Assistant

    Quickly setup Songbird for the first time.

  • Custom UI

    Make Songbird your own by choosing from dozens of different skins feathers.

  • Library Management

    Browse, organize, sort and search your media.

  • Developer Support

    Songbird is getting better everyday thanks to its open platform and growing developer community.

Currently In Beta:
  • Device Support

    Songbird's device support is limited. The Device Support wiki has additional details about what's supported. Apple iPhones, iPod Touch and Microsoft Zune devices are not yet supported.

  • Album Artwork

    Display the currently playing track's album art and write new artwork back to the file. We still need to support album art fetching.

  • Subscriptions

    Subscribe to music blogs and download music directly to your library. We're working on ways to improve this feature.

  • Performance & Stability

    Improving the performance and stability of Songbird is an ongoing focus. Each release we set aside dedicated cycles to ensure we're making progress.

Download Songbird 1.0
Songbird Site

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Amarok 2.0 Released!

After two years of development, Amarok 2 has arrived. This arrival is just the beginning.
This new version brings with it a lot of changes:

  • Completely redesigned user interface
  • Tight integration with online services such as Magnatune, Jamendo, MP3tunes, and Shoutcast
  • Completely overhauled scripting API and plugin support to allow better integration into Amarok
  • Migration from the KDE 3 to KDE 4 framework, and utilization of core technologies such as Solid, Phonon, and Plasma

The user interface has been redesigned to make context information like lyrics and albums from the same artist more accessible and allow you to decide which information you want to see by adding applets to the Context View in the middle. The new Biased Playlists offer a way to let Amarok take care of your playlist in an intelligent way similar to Dynamic Playlists in previous versions. A new service framework allows for a tight integration of online services like Jamendo, Magnatune and Ampache. New services can easily be added via GetHotNewStuff in Amarok or from More applets and scripts are being worked on and users are welcome to contribute more to make Amarok suit their needs. The migration from the KDE 3 to KDE 4 framework allows us to make use of technologies like Plasma, Phonon and Solid which make Amarok easier to use and maintain and ready for the future of music on your computer and on the internet.
These are only some of the great new features of Amarok 2. Give it a try!

Download here

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Ubuntu Unleashed Redesign?

Hey all, I love ubuntu and I love sharing what I have learned with the community, this site originally started as a blogspot blog of mine and I did not expect it to be so popular, I have had over 2 million hits to this blog and see that it is one of the most trafficked Ubuntu sites. I would like to do a redesign to make this site more userfriendly and more easier to navigate, I would love to hear all your suggestions on what I should do to this site. I would like to switch to either drupal or wordpress and would like to keep all the content the way it is, ie: site links and wondered which would be easiest to migrate to. I would also like to turn this more into a community based website to share content, howto's. news and other great information and would like your input and suggestions in this regard. I would also like to share the websites revenue with a few people that can help me maintain the site.

If you are a web designer and your passion is Linux and open source and would like to contribute to this site and the community shoot me an email @ defconoii at gmail dot com

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