Export Pictures to Picasa, Flickr,SmugMug,23hq,web album with Ubuntu

I have searched all over the web for an application/hack to do this and I finally found something since google's picasa doesnt do it yet which is sad...

Download F-Spot Here
open a terminal where you downloaded f-spot
apt-get install sqlite
dpkg -i f-spot*.deb
Then go to Applications-> Graphics-> F-Spot Photo Manager
Click on import to import your pictures, and select the picture album location.
Then once its done importing, you can then export pictures.

First to do this you must select the pictures you want exported by holding in ctrl and selecting the pictures with your mouse.

Then click File-> Export-> PicasaWeb...

Click Add next to gallery, and enter your picasa/google username and password.
Click OK

Now you can add album's, and export the photo's you selected, you can make them public or private when you click ok to export

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