Dell releases custom Ubuntu 7.04 ISOs with drivers and fixes

Dell has released a custom "remastered" Ubuntu 7.04 installation CD ISO that can be used to install Ubuntu on an Inspiron 1420 or 530. The ISO automatically installs all of the drivers and fixes that are required to make Ubuntu fully functional on those systems.

Dell laptops with Ubuntu preinstalled currently ship with a regular Ubuntu 7.04 installation CD that can be used to reinstall the operating system from scratch after reformatting. Unfortunately, the default Ubuntu installation does not include the best drivers so dell has a new remastered custom ubuntu cd just for you.

The "remastered" installation ISO could also be used by Inspiron 1420 and 530 owners who didn't buy their laptops with Ubuntu preinstalled, but wish to install it themselves...

Dell Remastered Ubuntu 7.04 ISO

Dell Linux Engineering team has a remastered copy of the Ubuntu 7.04 Live CD available for download. It includes native system hardware support and many of the fixes listed below. The media will help you get the system installed and running with the necessary drivers.

The media has been created specifically to resolve issues on the following system:

  • Inspiron E1505N
  • Inspiron 1420N
  • Inspiron 530N

Download Dell Ubuntu Image

DISCLAIMER: These images are both unofficial Dell recovery media. They are not officially Dell-supported. Do not call Dell Technical support with questions about this image, or software installed by this image, as they will not be able to help you. To get help, please send an email to the Dell linux-desktops mailing list.

  • Latest Dell Install DVD Image
  • Latest Dell Install CD Image

NOTE: After installation, be sure to update to the latest system software.

NOTE: The CD image has been modified to remove components such as OpenOffice to make room for additional Dell specific drivers and fixes.

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