Some Gnome Panel Applets you may not know about!

Here is a collection of gnome panel applets that I have found in the repositories, installed applets can be viewed and added to your gnome panel via right click on an empty panel space then click "Add to Panel"

Click titles to install these applets automagically within firefox if your running Gutsy or Hardy Heron

Check these out:

Bubbling Load Monitoring
A GNOME panel applet that displays the CPU + memory load as a bubbling

Computer temperature
Computer Temperature Monitor is a little applet
for the GNOME desktop that shows the temperature
of your CPU and disks in the panel.
It also allows to log temperatures to a file and set alarms
to notify the user when a temperature is reached.
More information:

A gnome panel applet showing the CPU load as a fire
A CPU load monitor, that comes as a gnome panel applet. CPU load is
displayed as a beautiful fire, the higher the flames the higher the CPU

a desktop wallpaper management application for the GNOME desktop
The aim of drapes is to complete (or replace) the built-in GNOME desktop
wallpapers selection tool. It can be configured as a tray application or as a
panel applet. The bigest selling point of drapes is the ability to rotate
wallpapers on a timely basis. It strives to be as simple as possible and
fits in the rest of the GNOME 2 desktop.
Project Homepage:

elegant desktop organizer
Gimmie is a desktop organizer. It's designed to allow easy interaction
with all the applications, contacts, documents and other things you use
every day. Gimmie can be run either as a stand-alone application
or added as a GNOME Panel applet.

GNOME IP display applet
Giplet is a simple GNOME panel applet that displays your computer's IP address.
The IP can be either the one of a specified interface or the external one.
Giplet can also be set to check periodically for IP address changes.

GlipperClipboard manager for the GNOME panel
is a GNOME panel applet. It maintains a history of text copied
to the clipboard from which you can choose. Supports a configurable
number and length clipboard entries and saving clipboard history on exit.
It also uses plugins to give the user all the extra functionality they
want, including support for Actions, Snippets and No-Paste services.

GNOME applet to post to weblog entries
gnome-blog is a panel object (aka applet) that can post to weblogs using
bloggerAPI, advogato API, MetaWeblog API or LiveJournal API
It notably works with /,, Movable Type,
WordPress, and Pybloxsom.

GNOME start menu applet
This applet provides a "start menu" for the GNOME desktop.
It features a list of favorite applications, and recently used documents.
It also integrates with the Beagle search tool to provide search facilities
from the start menu. It provides shortcuts for common system
administration actions and integrates with network-manager for network
status reporting.

Gnome randr applet
Simple gnome-panel front end to the xrandr extension to change desktop resolution
Gnome-randr-applet is a simple gnome-panel front end to the xrandr
extension found in XFree86 4.3+ releases.

Gnome Voice Control
Speech recognizer to control the GNOME Desktop
The gnome-voice-control is an applet software developed
to control the GNOME Desktop by voice.

A utility to search Google via your GNOME menu/panel
This is a very simple and very handy utility that just spawns the
configured GNOME browser with a Google search on whatever you have in
the X clipboard (whatever you last selected). It's not even an applet,
just a program with a launcher that's nice to put on the panel - drag
it there from the menu. It also includes support for a command line
option -u/--url, to specify an alternative URL to which the search
should be appended before opening.

A GNOME applet to query the Net
A Gnome applet for Searching the web in a Practical, Outlined
and Tidy way. This uses the text in the copy/paste clipboard and uses
it as search string for querying web-search engines, dictionaries,
web databases, etc.

GTodo applet for the GNOME panel
gtodo-applet contains the applet of the GNOME "to do" list manager
(GTodo) for the GNOME panel, that provides you with ways to easily
open GTodo, or even check some of your to do items that are due
the current day without opening it.

Hardware Monitor applet for the Gnome panel
Hardware Monitor is a monitor applet for the Gnome panel. It supports
a variety of monitoring capabilities (CPU usage, network throughput
etc.) and different kinds of viewers (curves, bars, text, flames).

Music Applet
GNOME panel applet to control several music players
Music Applet is a small, simple GNOME panel applet that lets you control a
variety of different music players from the panel. Music Applet provides
easy access to information about the current song and the most important
playback controls.
Music Applet currently supports Rhythmbox, Banshee and Muine and many others.

GNOME2 Network Load Applet
A simple textual network load monitor for the GNOME panel.
It shows the number of incoming/outgoing packets for the selected

It is not possible to watch two network interfaces with this applet.
If you need this feature I suggest you try the 'netspeed' applet which
is very similar but more advanced, or 'gnome-netstatus-applet' the official
Gnome2 applet for network monitoring.

Traffic monitor applet for GNOME
Netspeed is an applet for the GNOME panel that shows how much traffic
occurs on a network device (ethernet card, wireless LAN card, or

GNOME Applet for monitoring current and upcoming TV programs
OnTV is a GNOME Applet written in Python using PyGTK, it uses XMLTV files
to monitor current and upcoming TV programs. Features include:

* Program descriptions as tooltips.
* Remaining time of/until current and upcoming programs.
* Program search dialog with incremental search.
* Global keybindings for most common actions.
* Program reminders.
* and more...

A small applet to change your screen resolution
It uses XRANDR on-the-fly as well as GNOME Resolution Preferences.
Handy for laptops when using data projectors which only run at 1024x768.

Gnome Sensors Applet:
Display readings from hardware sensors in your Gnome panel
GNOME Sensors Applet is an applet for the GNOME panel that displays
readings from hardware sensors, including temperatures, fan speeds and
voltage readings.
It can gather data from the following sources:
* ACPI thermal zones, via the Linux kernel ACPI modules
* Linux kernel i2c modules
* lm-sensors (libsensors)
* Linux kernel i8k module (for Dell Inspiron Laptops)
* Linux kernel ibm-acpi module
* Linux kernel PowerPC modules therm_adt746x and therm_windtunnel
* Linux kernel iMac G5 Windfarm module
* hddtemp daemon for reading temperatures from S.M.A.R.T. equipped hard disks
* Linux kernel Omnibook module
* NVIDIA graphics cards
* Linux kernel sonypi module (for Sony Vaio laptops)
Alarms can be set for each sensor to notify the user once a certain high or
low value has been reached, and can be configured to execute a given command
at given repeated intervals.

SSHMenu for Gnome Panel:
A GNOME panel applet for connecting to hosts using SSH
sshmenu-gnome puts all your most frequently used SSH connections on a menu
in your GNOME panel. Click on a host name to open a new gnome-terminal
window with an ssh connection to the selected host. Set up options for
port forwarding, etc. using the preferences dialog.

Timer Applet
timer applet - a countdown timer applet for the GNOME panel
Features include:
* Quickly set a time and the applet will notify you when time is up
* Create presets for quick access to frequently-used times
* Small and unobtrusive. Choose to either view the remaining time right in
the panel or hide it so you don't get distracted by the countdown.
* Add multiple Timer Applets to the panel to have multiple timers running
* User interface follows the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines

current files applet for GNOME
TopShelf is a simple GNOME applet which provides a place to store the
files the user is currently working on (not right now, but in general,
in a period of time). Unlike a real shelf, however, TopShelf just
links to the files; it doesn't contain them.
The concept of TopShelf is to contain files that are put there by the
user, as opposed to the 'recent files list' which is automatically
managed. For example, the top shelf might contain a story the user is
currently writing; a project for school or for work, a diary, etc. On
the other hand, music and video files would typically not be in the
top shelf (since they cycle very fast), but they would appear in the
recent files list.

Webboard Pastebin submit Applet
Copy and paste to a public pastebin server
Publish text notes and source code on a pastebin server
for collaborative debugging.
WebBoard includes a stand alone app and an applet for the
GNOME panel.

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) prevention tool

Workrave is a program that assists in the recovery and prevention of
Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). The program frequently alerts you to
take micro-pauses, rest breaks and restricts you to your daily limit.

It includes a system tray applet that works with Gnome and KDE
and has network capabilities to monitor your activity even if
switching back and forth between different computers is part of your

Workrave offers many more configuration options than other similar

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