Howto: Setup Alt-Ctrl-Del to open gnome-system-monitor, Alt-Ctrl-End to open gnome-terminal!

Last night I was bored and created a simple bash script that uses zenity as a simple install gui and wanted to create something useful, so I figured most users migrating from windows are used to a task manager executing when alt-ctrl-del is pressed so I made this tiny script to do that for you with a nice little addition to execute gnome-terminal when Alt-Ctrl-End is pressed.

Note: This only works for Hardy Heron

Here is what the installer looks like:

Download & Install:
Grab the files here
Now save that in a new directory of your choosing or right on your desktop
Right click shortcuts.tar.gz and select extract here

Double click on shortcut-install to install, click run to execute my script, then click ok to setup the shortcuts.

Now try it!
Alt-Ctrl-Delete is now binded to gnome-system-monitor
Alt-Ctrl-End is now binded to gnome-terminal
Alt-Ctrl-P is now binded to the logoff screen

You can uninstall the package by double clicking on shortcut-uninstall click run, then ok to uninstall.

P.S. If you know of any other applications to setup keybindings let me know

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