3.0 Beta Released!

If you've been looking out for 3.0 or are just looking for a new software package to try out this afternoon, 3.0 Beta has been released. 3.0 integrates ODF 1.2 support, Microsoft Office 2007 Import Filters, charting enhancements, improved note capabilities in Writer, new icons, enhanced pdf export, multi-monitor support for impress, and a start center. For Mac OS X users, 3.0 will now run without the need for X11 to be installed. In addition, there are bug-fixes and other minor features that make up this beta release.

OpenOffice 3.0 release candidate is expected on July 25, while the final release isn't expected until September 2, 2008.

Release Notes Here
Full Feature List Here

Download the Ubuntu Version here

Download the Linux rpm w/o Jre Here

Download the Linux rpm w/Jre here

Download for all other Operating systems and get extra info here

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