Howto: Install the Latest Project Neon Amarok 2 nightly build!

From the kde developers:
Neon is our shiny new nightly builds service for Amarok. Neon makes it easy to follow development of Amarok by regularly providing packages for you to install.
It is set up to be usable alongside your stable version. Even though we try to keep your data secure, you should be aware that Neon is providing mostly unreleased and untested software, which might as well eat your system. Neon is intended to be used by everyone who wants to help us find bugs, keep track of development, join development or just wants to live on the bleeding edge. It is intended to be used instead of a stable and full featured Amarok.

We started this service with packages for Amarok 2 for Kubuntu but packages for openSUSE will follow soon and we hope more distributions will join.

To install it on Kubuntu/Ubuntu Hardy add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list fileor go to System->Administration->Software Sources
Click the Third Party Software tab, click add and paste the line below
deb hardy main
Check for updates
Install amarok-nightly by clicking here or sudo apt-get install amarok-nightly or even via synaptic

Please be aware that Amarok 2 is still in heavy development and therefore it is very likely that you will encounter bugs, things that are not finished and features that will change before we release Amarok 2.0. We welcome everyone to send patches and help us get Amarok 2 ready soon.

If you want to stay up to date on all things Neon please subscribe to the dedicated mailinglist. Availability of packages for other distributions will be announced there and on the Project Neon wiki page.

When reporting bugs please consider that for now we only accept bug reports for bugs that are not obvious and are easy to reproduce or have a useful backtrace. Of course we like bugs with attached patches the most ;-)

More info here

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