Howto: Install (GTA) Grand Theft Auto Vice City with wine in Ubuntu Hardy Heron!

Did you know GTA Vice City works in wine?
The other day I was bored... really bored... So I decided to grab GTA Vice City and get it working in wine, and to my suprise it was too freakn simple. All I did was Download GTA Vice City apply no-cd-cracked.exe and started it up. Has anyone else had any great successes in getting hot games working in wine? Please let me know and let us all know how you got it to work. Here is how I got GTA Vice City working...

First I grabbed the vice city isos and moved them to /home/$USER/GTA
So I then wanted to mount the iso's and install, I simply grabbed fuseiso and wine then added myself to the fuse group so I can mount iso's:
sudo apt-get install fuseiso wine ; sudo adduser $USER fuseiso

After those 2 install I made my iso mount directories within /home/$USER/GTA:
mkdir viceinstall ; mkdir viceplay

Lets mount these 2 iso's:
fuseiso GTA_Vice_City.iso viceinstall ; fuseiso Vice_City_Play.iso viceplay

Now Open up nautilus and change directory to /home/$USER/GTA/viceinstall and right click on setup and select run with wine windows emulator

Now the setup will popup and ask for us to install, select any wine directory, I chose ~/.wine/drive_c/GTA/ ; check radio stations if you want the lame music. The setup will ask for the second cd then navigate to the viceplay directory

Now we have one more step after the install completes, we gotta grab the patched exe, go here and grab it and copy it to: ~/.wine/drive_c/GTA or whichever directory you installed GTA to, select yes to overwrite the old exe

Once the install completes you should have a nice icon in Applications->Wine->Rockstar Gamez->Grand theft Auto Vice City->Play GTA Vice City

Now hopefully if everything went well you should be able to play, the only issue I had playing was a black model and dark cars which goes away after a while playing for some reason. Other than that the fps is faster than xp/vista.

You may notice it takes 1-2 minutes to start up the game, what I did was freak out and I reinstalled before it even started lol.. Dont make my same mistake, wait it out, then gaming will be smooth.

P.S. Im not a big fan of closed source proprietary windows games but I posted this in hopes to get more gamers of to Ubuntu because it simply rocks.

Also lets hope Rockstar Gamez ports GTA IV to linux which would surprise the hell outta me

You can post bugs and get additional help here

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