Howto: Share Ubuntu Connectivity with your Nokia Symbian Phone

This guide will let you share your internet connection by Bluetooth
so that you can surf the net on your bed without paying high GPRS/HSDPA rates.

Im just summarizing the steps, credits goes to the author of websites at the end of this post

My setup:
Nokia n73 (most Symbian phones will do, even Sony Ericsson's)
Feisty i386 (just about any distro will do)
bluetooth dongle supported by Ubuntu (mine is CSR)
wireless connection to AirStation router

Pair up your phone and your computer

Make sure you have bluez-gnome installed, otherwise install it by the following command:
aptitude install bluez-gnome
Make sure you have a bluetooth icon in the notification area (otherwise you can't set PIN while pairing)
On your phone, go to Connect > Bluetooth >. Paired devices > Option > New paired device, choose your computer

Setup your phone:

Backup your phone!

I can't fix your phone if anything goes wrong
Install gnubox for Series 60 v3 ( ndex.php/t-96953.html) or other Symbians ( you have a s60v3 phone, you will have to sign the sis file. just follow the instruction on the download page, 5th reply)
Run gnubox, Options > Debug > Dump Full CommsDB, this dump the network configuration, in case any thing goes wrong

Create an Access point, goto Tools > Settings > Connection > Accesspoints
Name it "Bt" (case sensitive), set Data Bearer to "data call" and dial-up number to some random number

Run gnubox again, Options > Install > Create records
Restart gnubox, Options > Install > set RAS login script
Restart gnubox, Options > 2box Bluetooth > LAN Access server, select your computer, no encryption if it ask

Setup your ubuntu

Put the following into /etc/ppp/peers/dun
noauth (this has to be in the same subnet as your computer, ie. the first-three set of digits have to be the same)

execute the following as root, to setup network forwarding, otherwise you can only access LAN from the phone
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward
dund --msdun --listen call dun

DONE! grab your phone, fire up the Web app. and enjoy!


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