Howto: Install FuseSMB - Access Samba shares from ALL programs. Automatic access to Windows Shares.

Tested for Ubuntu x86 6.06 and 7.04 (Gnome)

To easily access Samba and Windows shares from all X-programs. (Especially mediaplayers.)

1: Install samba and fusesmb from repositories:
Open Synaptic Package Manager
Install libsmbclient, samba-common, smbclient and fusesmb

2: Give root and user access to fusesmb:

Select from menu: "System->Administration->users and groups".
Now select "root" then click "properties" and tag "allow use of fusesmb"
Do the same for your user account.

3: Create a mountpoint:
In terminal write: sudo nautilus
navigate to the /media folder
create a new folder and rename it to "network" (you can call it something else if you like)
Right click the folder, and select "properties" then select "permissions", for section "group" select the group "users", for section "folder acces" select "read and write".

4: Make fusesmb start at boot.
Select from menu: "system->preferences->sessions"
Select new
Name: fusesmbnet (can be whatever)
command: fusesmb /media/network

5: Try it out.

Reboot to make changes take effect...
Now you (should) have automatic access to windows networks from all programs.
Much better than Gnome way of doing it IMO.

If you don't want it anyway, its easily reversible just following the guide again, but replace install/new/create/make with delete/remove/uninstall. Except you may want to keep the samba stuff.

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