CFS Kernel Patch: The Completely Slow Scheduler!

I constantly upgrade my kernel and constantly keep applications updated, I have been reading many sites proclaiming that CFS patchset "The Completely Fair Scheduler" from Ingo Molnar is better and faster than Con Kolivas 2.6.22-ck1 patchset
I am extremely dissapointed in all the hype and the news that cfs will be a part of kernel 2.6.23...
Here is what I noticed about cfs which sucks...
Boot time:5 seconds longer than ck patch
Nautilus: Takes a second longer to load up... wtf
Firefox: takes 2 more seconds to load, simple web pages like digg and my site spike to 100 cpu usage and mouse freezes..
Music: Choppy with more cpu usage
Video: glxgears reported a loss of over 100 fps
Overall CFS sucks, and ck's patchset kicks ass, I have ck's patchset installed with the latest ubuntu feisty kernel as well as the "The Completely Slow Scheduler CFS"

I would love to see some benchmarks of how cfs is faster than CK and what it actually improves. Also I cannot believe Linus is implementing this POS Patchset..

This is a true dissapointment for the Linux Community, I now understand why Con Kolivas quit because there is so many ignorant people out there that dont respect a good coders work. Ck's patchset is way faster than CFS, CFS is garbage and im only keeping it on my pc to do benchmarks when requested.

Be smart get Con Kolivas Patchset here and do you and the Linux community a favor and actually try out CFS and let me know what you experience

Here are my benchmark results with hardinfo:
cK patchset
cfs the slow scheduler

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