Howto: Securely Delete Files In Ext3 Via Nautilus Menu

This adds a menu which securely deletes files by overwriting them 25 times

install nautilus-actions via synaptic package manager

launch nautilus actions configuration
-->system--->preferences--->nautilus actions configuration


Label = Shred

Path = shred

Parameters = -fuz %M

Click ok and exit

in terminal type killall nautilus


A note for ext3 users from the shred manual:
Note that shred relies on a very important assumption: that
the file system overwrites data in place. This is the traditional way
to do things, but many modern file system designs do not satisfy this
assumption. The following are examples of file systems on which shred
is not effective, or is not guaranteed to be effective in all file sys‐
tem modes:

In the case of ext3 file systems, the above disclaimer applies only in data=journal mode, which journals file data in addition to just metadata. In both the data=ordered (default) and data=writeback modes, shred works as usual.

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