Howto: Encrypt your private files with Encfs & Cryptkeeper Gnome applet

I have been using this little applet called cryptkeeper with encfs for a while now, it is a beautifully simple power user application that will help you keep your private information safe and secure.
Basically Cryptkeeper is a Linux system tray applet that manages EncFS encrypted folders. In this simple Howto, I will assist you in installing encfs and CryptKeeper.

1. Install encfs like this:
sudo apt-get install encfs
sudo echo fuse >> /etc/modules
sudo modprobe fuse
sudo addgroup fuse
2. Then you must log off and back on again.
To do this quickly just press ctrl+alt+backspace and log back in.
Then Download & Install Cryptkeeper via here
or wget
Then click Applications->system tools->Cryptkeeper or alt F2 type in Cryptkeeper.

I personally like cryptkeeper to Autostart, if you want to do this press alt+F2 type/paste gnome-session-properties and add "cryptkeeper" without the quotes to start it up automatically
-- I personally am the administrator where I use this so I like to run cryptkeeper as root via gksudo as an added form of protection, you decide.


Cryptkeeper Developer Tom
EncFS Wikipedia
EncFS Developer Site

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