Howto: Install Samba quickly and Easily Via Custom Scripts on Ubuntu

I found these scripts based off of a web tutorial on how to install and configure a file server via samba that i found here. I don't take credit for the tutorial just for the scripts. Feel free to edit these scripts and make them better. Just be sure to post the new ones.

1. extract the samba scripts.
2. run
3. run for each user you want to add
4. run for each folder you want to add
5. enjoy your new file server

Also I would like to make more scripts for other common tasks in Ubuntu that other people seem too lazy to make scripts for. I don't mean to sound like I don't appreciate his or her work, I would just like to see more scripts for installing things like the alsa driver. Let me know if there are any that are desperately needed and I would do my best.
Download scripts here

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