Introducing PyTube YouTube leecher & audio/video encoder for Mobile Devices & More

What is PyTube?
PyTube is a another kick-ass application that hasnt gotten enough spotlight, it completely rocks, check out some of its features:

Search & Leech Videos From Youtube
Leech Videos from Other Video sites
Re-Encode Videos to iPhone/iPod/3gp/mp4/ogm/mpg/gif/amv
Insert Audio into Video
Generate Ringtones
Merge multiple Videos together
Resize Videos for Ipods->High Definition
Rotate videos
Construct a List of all your Videos to share with friends

Easy Interface

Integrated Search

Multimedia Tools

Unlimited Downloads

Local Multimedia Encoding

How to install PyTube:
Click System->Administration and then open up software sources
Click Add and add:
deb /
Reload then click here to install
or sudo apt-get install pytube
Once installed access PyTube via Applications->Sound & Video->PyTube Multimedia Converter

Have fun
More information from the elite authors site here

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