Clean up Duplicate Files, Symlinks, Directories in Ubuntu with an easy GUI!

I have 8TB of archived music, movies, games, applications,iso's, and documents from the past 12 years that I have saved and accumulated and have been plagued by having the same files copied in multiple locations across all my drives. Over the years I have re-downloaded music, movies, and tons of other things that I already have... It really sucks when I download something and run this application and notice I already have it... Other than this issue, I have gigs of config files that are duplicates that needed to be cleaned. So ive been using a program called FSLint, It means Filesystem Lint. So lets get to work and clean the lint from our drives shall we?

Lets install FsLint
clickme for 1-click install! or:
sudo apt-get install fslint
Ok now that FsLint is install you will be able to access it via Applications->System Tools->FSLint
As default it will have your home directory selected.

Here are the options you have to choose from:
Find Duplicate Files
Find Installed Packages
Find Bad Named files
Find Name Clashes
Find Temp Files
Find Bad/Broken Symlinks
Find Bad Id's
Find Empty Directories
Find Non-Striped Binaries
Find Redundant Whitespace

You are given Advanced Search options to exclude certain directories that dont apply to the above Search Patterns

Once you select one of the search options and select your search directory, click find, it will take a while depending on drive speed, processing power, and drive size. Once done searching it will give you options to delete the duplicates, save duplicate list and Merge.

I hope this tool is helpful to others, I personally think this tool should be integrated into nautilus.
Happy Cleaning!

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