Block Bad IP Ranges with iplist in Ubuntu Linux!

In todays world we need some protection against the anti-P2P organizations, script kiddies and big brother, Iplist is a kick-ass tool that will help protect your privacy!

What is iplist?

iplist is a list based packet handler which uses the netfilter netlink-queue library (kernel 2.6.14 or later). It filters by IP-address and is optimized for thousands of IP-address ranges.

Some typical reasons for using iplist are:

  • to protect your privacy while sharing with others on p2p networks
  • to ban unwanted clients from servers
  • to block whole countries or networks
  • to block spam- and ad-servers
  • to block known hackers
Installation for Hardy Heron:
sudo dpkg -i iplist_0.19-0hardy2_i386.deb
There is packages for all other Ubuntu/Linux Versions Here

After the installation ipblock can be found in main menu -> Internet -> ipblock.

The default choice for lists is similar to peerguardian, you have the option to add/remove what you need.
  • level1.gz - Anti-p2p companies, Fake p2p file sources, Government, Military, Science, Research Labs, Bad Education facilities, and more.
  • ads-trackers-and-bad-pr0n.gz - Advertising and data tracker servers
  • spyware.gz - Malicious spyware and adware servers
  • edu.gz - Educational institutions and universities
  • bogon.gz - Spoofed IP-addresses
These lists are maintained by Custom p2p or dat lists can easily be added. Note that lists can optionally be compressed with gzip.

All options can be configured in this tab. Auto-updating lists is important and the default choice of 2 days is reasonable because updates their lists 3 times per week. Using out-of-date lists is not recommended.

To ignore specific network traffic like HTTP or EMAIL (pop3) use the ignored ports section.

More information can be found @ the developers site here
More information on Blocklists can be found here

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