Howto: Awesome Opensource MilkDrop Winamp Music Visualizations for Ubuntu Linux! (475 visuals!)

Tired of lame GOOM! visualizations in Ubuntu and want something pretty tight? Check out projectM!

A week or 2 ago I told people at this post that I would help port over winamp visualizations over to ubuntu and I have finally accomplished that task and created a .deb package for easy installation! Please note that projectm doesnt currently work with amarok or any music player at the moment so you can simply run projectM before/after/during what your listening to and the effects will be amazing, this will work for any sounds and can even be configured to visualize music on the lan/wan!

Howto install:

sudo dpkg -i projectm_1.1-rev-980-2_i386.deb
*recommended but optional* *updated* Download my 475 presets and extract to preset directory
cd ~ ; wget
tar zxvf projectm_visuals.tar.gz
When you download a preset package, you will need to extract all the files to a directory where projectM can find it. We put ours in ~/projectM/presets and then we'll create a symbolic link to our preset directory so projectM can see it
cd /usr/share/projectM/presets && sudo ln -s ~/projectm/presets/ others

Howto Run:

Goto: Applications->Sound and Video->projectM-pulseaudio
Controls (these are listed in the menu under "hotkeys":

m - brings up a menu
f - toggles fullscreen on/off
l - "locks" to a particular preset
y - toggles shuffle mode
n - next preset
p - previous preset
r - selects random preset

F1 - Help menu
F2 - Toggles song title on/off (doesn't work in libvisual or pulseaudio as far as I can tell)
F3 - Toggle preset name on/off
F4 - Toggle rendering info on/off
F5 - Shows fps

How to load visualizations:

Simply click the load preset button and select the presets in the correct directory you want to see. You can create a visualization playlist as well, its easy.

Other info:

ProjectM uses pulseaudio, it can do everything that pulseaudio can do. In the menu, you can select which pulseaudio source to use as the music input to the visualizations. This includes network sound resources. You CAN use projectM as a visualizer for the music ANOTHER PC is playing!

Adding too many presets may crash projectm, so load only a hundred or so at a time, or experiment on how many can be loaded at once

You can find more visualizations here

Compile from svn src howto here

ProjectM Developers Page here

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