Crack your Zip Files in Ubuntu with the Ultimate Zip Cracker

Why, the hell, another zip cracker? fcrackzip isnt just any other file cracker, it is quiet old (born in 1998) and I believe the last version was from 2004. However it is simple mentioned for being the first open-sourced zip-cracker out there.

fcrackzip searches each zipfile given for encrypted files and tries to guess the password. All files must be encrypted with the same password, the more files you provide, the better.

FCrackZip is The Ultimate password cracker for zip archives
fcrackzip is a fast password cracker partly written in assembler.
It is able to crack password protected zip files with brute
force or dictionary based attacks, optionally testing with
unzip its results.

It can also crack cpmask'ed images.

How to Install:

sudo apt-get install fcrackzip
Install with 1-click if you have apt-url installed and your using firefox!
fcrackzip -c a -p aaaaaa

checks the encrypted files in for all lowercase 6 character passwords (aaaaaa ... abaaba ... ghfgrg ... zzzzzz).

fcrackzip --method cpmask --charset A --init AAAA test.ppm
checks the obscured image test.ppm for all four character passwords. -TP fcrackzip -D -p passwords.txt check for every password listed in the file passwords.txt.

More info from the authors site here
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