Ubuntu Unleashed Redesign?

Hey all, I love ubuntu and I love sharing what I have learned with the community, this site originally started as a blogspot blog of mine and I did not expect it to be so popular, I have had over 2 million hits to this blog and see that it is one of the most trafficked Ubuntu sites. I would like to do a redesign to make this site more userfriendly and more easier to navigate, I would love to hear all your suggestions on what I should do to this site. I would like to switch to either drupal or wordpress and would like to keep all the content the way it is, ie: site links and wondered which would be easiest to migrate to. I would also like to turn this more into a community based website to share content, howto's. news and other great information and would like your input and suggestions in this regard. I would also like to share the websites revenue with a few people that can help me maintain the site.

If you are a web designer and your passion is Linux and open source and would like to contribute to this site and the community shoot me an email @ defconoii at gmail dot com

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