New: Incollector 1.1 Released!

What is Incollector?
Incollector is an application to collect various kinds of information (like notes, conversation logs, quotes, serial numbers, source code, web addresses, words). All the entries can be tagged, so you can find them very easily. There are also search folders which allows you to search for entries by specified criteria. You can also export (and import, of course) entries to an external file.


Incollector has a very simple, intuitive graphical user interface, so you can start being productive with it right away. All the information you put into Incollector is easy to find again, too. Entries can have a "type", like "note", "source code sample", "serial number", etc, and they can be tagged as well, making searching and browsing a snap.
IC offers many useful customization options too. The Preferences window lets you choose your preferred web browser, and other helpful settings.
You can browse all your entries directly in the application window, or from the convenient tray menu pop-up.
When adding a new entry, you can tag it with your pre-existing tags, or create new tags on the fly. (Don't worry if you don't want to tag right away though, you can always tag and retag entries later!) You can also give your entries ratings of 1-3 stars, and take notes in the comment field to give descriptive summaries of a entry, and make searching even easier.
It's easy to share entries with friends and make backups in IC using the built-in importing and exporting features. Search folders are available in IC also, similar to what you may already be using in Evolution or Outlook. Search folders let you create a "saved search", making frequent identical searches painless.

Download Incollector Here

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