The new Face to VLC Media Player 0.9.0git!

VLC to me is the best player for Movies, Videos, DVD's, and DiVX! Well its time for everyone to upgrade vlc because there is Multiple vulnerabilities found allowing for the execution of arbitrary code and Denial of Service. But ya know? Im glade I had to upgrade lol, vlc added a whole new face a ton of bug fixes and a few new features :) I'll show you how to install VLC in Ubuntu and setup the Nightly build VideoLan VLC Repository, check it out:

How to Install or upgrade VLC Media Player for Ubuntu Hardy

For Ubuntu Hardy I386 add the following line to your sources.list, or add it to System->Administration->Software Sources:
deb ./

Then open up Synaptic and click "Reload", if you already have vlc installed click "Mark all Upgrades" Then click apply then ok. Or simply search for VLC if its not installed, check it and apply.

Want it to install it even easier? Click Here for a 1 click install within Firefox!
The 1-Click install only works after you have updated your repositories and you must use firefox

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