Howto: Setup & Install Truecrypt 5.1a for Linux on Ubuntu

[updated] The truecrypt team updated Truecrypt today to version 5.1a!

Ok this is some awesome news from the developers of the famous open source encryption software Truecrypt. If you dont know what it is here is an exerpt from the website:

"TrueCrypt can on-the-fly encrypt a system partition or entire system drive, i.e. a partition or drive where Windows is installed and from which it boots (a TrueCrypt-encrypted system drive may also contain non-system partitions, which are encrypted as well)."

Main Features:

New features:

  • Ability to encrypt a system partition/drive (i.e. a partition/drive where Windows is installed) with pre-boot authentication (anyone who wants to gain access and use the system, read and write files, etc., needs to enter the correct password each time before the system starts). For more information, see the chapter System Encryption in the documentation. (Windows Vista/XP/2003)

  • Pipelined operations increasing read/write speed by up to 100% (Windows)

  • Mac OS X version

  • Graphical user interface for the Linux version of TrueCrypt

  • XTS mode of operation, which was designed by Phillip Rogaway in 2003 and which was recently approved as the IEEE 1619 standard for cryptographic protection of data on block-oriented storage devices. XTS is faster and more secure than LRW mode (for more information on XTS mode, see the section Modes of Operation in the documentation).

    Note: New volumes created by this version of TrueCrypt can be encrypted only in XTS mode. However, volumes created by previous versions of TrueCrypt can still be mounted using this version of TrueCrypt.

  • SHA-512 hash algorithm (replacing SHA-1, which is no longer available when creating new volumes).

    Note: To re-encrypt the header of an existing volume with a header key derived using HMAC-SHA-512 (PRF), select 'Volumes' > 'Set Header Key Derivation Algorithm'.

Improvements, bug fixes, and security enhancements:

  • The Linux version of TrueCrypt has been redesigned so that it will no longer be affected by changes to the Linux kernel (kernel upgrades/updates).

  • Many other minor improvements, bug fixes, and security enhancements. (Windows and Linux)

    If you are using an older version of TrueCrypt, it is strongly recommended that you upgrade to this version.
Install Instructions:

Basically all you need to do to install is follow these directions:
open up a terminal and type:
tar zxvf
cd truecrypt-5.0/
sudo dpkg -i truecrypt_5.1a-0_i386.deb
There we go, now truecrypt is installed and ready to go, if you prefer the point & click version just download and extract the tar.gz and double click the .deb to install

To Run:
Press ALT-F2 and then type in "truecrypt" without the quotes :)

For more Documentation/help go to the developers site here

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