Howto: Make Ubuntu look like fedora with the Nodoka Theme

[updated] Upgraded nodoka engine to fedore core 9's and added echo-icon-set from git

I really dont like fedora, but its theme is nice and crisp, check it out, if you dont like it rm -rf :)

  1. Install build-essential and libgtk2.0-dev packages:
    sudo apt-get install build-essential libgtk2.0-dev
  2. Download Nodoka GTK+ engine 0.6 from here
  3. dpkg -i gtk-nodoka-engine_0.6-1_i386.deb

    Install theme
  4. Get Nodoka theme 0.3.90 from here. Then execute command in terminal:
    tar zxvf nodoka-theme-gnome-0.3.90.tar.gz
  5. copy the Nodoka folder to themes folder:

    cd nodoka-theme-gnome-0.3.90/
    sudo cp -r Nodoka/ /usr/share/themes/

  6. Grab the echo icon set & install it
    tar zxvf echoicons.tar.gz
    sudo cp -R Echo /usr/share/icons/

    Use theme

    Click System → Preferences → Theme menu command. In Theme Preferences dialog, choose Nodoka item. Also click on the customize tab then click on icons and select "Echo"


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