HOWTO: Adobe Air and Xdrive® Desktop Lite Under WINE in Ubuntu Gutsy

Wow, I was just experimenting with wine and I found out the new adobe air works flawlessly in Ubuntu with wine, it will probably work with other distro's but lets take a look how I set this up with Ubuntu w/Wine. Adobe Air applications are pretty sweet!

Xdrive® Desktop Lite install file (
Windows Beta3 installer for Adobe Air (
WINE (I used 0.9.54)
Cant find adobe air?
OK. Go to your command line, get to the directory of the executable downloaded and do:
"wine air_b3_win_121207.exe
" (This is the filename that I downloaded off of the Adobe Labs site)

This will bring up the installer. Go through the prompts and it will say that it installed fine.

Now, we need to install the Xdrive® Desktop Lite client. To do this, we have to run the install air application executable located in the Adobe Air folder in your "C Drive"
ne/drive_c/Program Files/Common Files/Adobe AIR/Versions/

In this directory run the command:
wine "Adobe\ AIR\ Application\ Installer.exe"

A dialog box will pop up letting you browse to select the xdrive .air install file.

Now you will be asked a few questions, simply click install!

Next you will be asked where to install and it will ask you if you want to save an icon on the desktop, select yes and then uncheck run after installer finishes.

Once it is installed you can double-click the "Xdrive Desktop Lite" icon on the desktop with a wine glass.

Once you run it this is how it will appear!

After you Login you can upload/download and copy/paste, add/remove folders in Xdrive :)

Here is more information on Xdrive® Desktop Lite from the official Xdrive Website
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P.S. Please let me know how everything installed, and if you experimented with any other adobe air apps!

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