Howto: Burn Audio Cd's From mp3 in ubuntu

Recently I had to burn a audio cd from mp3 for my girlfriend because her car stereo doesnt support mp3 cd's ugh.. So initially I tried brasero, with the audio project button and added the mp3's, then I clicked burn, and guess what, it burned the mp3's right to disk without converting them to cda format lol! Yea its been a long long time since I had to burn a audio cd, im usually copying mp3's to ipods/mp3 players and cellphone's. But Anyways Here is how you burn an audio cd:

First grab k3b by clicking here

Now once that is installed grab libk3b3-extracodecs by clicking here

Click on audio cd project then navigate to your mp3 folder and just click once on the files u want copied over to disk, then click burn
That was easy, now for the less easier part that still is pretty easy... Now open up k3b via Applications->Sound and Video->k3b

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