Howto: Install Google Chrome On Ubuntu

Update: Click here, Now you can install the alpha for linux without wine!

I absolutely love google chrome, its fast, sleek, and low on the resources, I can easily kill a tab if it locks up or uses too much cpu since each tab runs at a separate process. That is just one of many features it has, if you havnt already checked out the comic, check it out here

Btw.. This is the Codeweavers crossover chrome package which will do for now until a native linux version is released!

Howto Install:

Download one of the Ubuntu versions that applies to you!

CrossOver Chromium for Ubuntu and Debian (32 bit)
CrossOver Chromium for Ubuntu and Debian (64 bit)

Double click the .deb file wherever you saved it, enter your sudo password then click install!

Once installed access chromium via:
Applications->Crossover Chromium->Chromium

For all other Distro's
CrossOver Chromium for Red Hat, Mandriva, and Suse
CrossOver Chromium for all other Linux distros.

More info Here

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