Introducing GUFW the Uncomplicated Firewall GUI for Ubuntu Linux Hardy Heron!!

I just woke up this morning and found a great comment on my blog introducing me to a promising new project by marcoscostales called gufw and he has taken his time to create a .deb package for us all. This application looks promising and can only get better with our suggestions.

So far 1200 people on Ubuntu Brainstorm voted for an application like this, see here

Features: Enable/disable Firewall via 1 click access

Deny all inbound/outbound connections with 1 click

Allow all inbound/outbound connections with 1 click

A nice allow/deny drop down box.

Easily add/remove firewall rules

Block ping replies to show up as having a stealth/invisible ip on the lan/inet


Howto Install?
Download GuFw here
See here for updated packages
Double click the .deb file and click install.

You will find ufw with a nice shield icon via Applications->Internet->gufw

For support see here

Help improve this application by submitting bug reports and ideas here

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