Howto: Install new Slickness theme in Ubuntu Feisty Gutsy, and Heron

I ran across another slick theme, its called SlickNess, It is actually pretty slick, reminds me of the Ubuntu Studio theme with a few nice improvements, let me know what you think.
This baby is easy to install, here are the directions:

To install:
1.Download the file to your desktop from here
2.Right click the file and select extract here a terminal and run these commands:

sudo cp -r $HOME/Desktop/SlicknesS /usr/share/themes

sudo chmod 777 /usr/share/themes/SlicknesS/Slickness.jpg

Third (this one fixes firefox, This fix is made by user twrock, so if he wants me to delete it i will)
cp /usr/share/themes/SlicknesS/userChrome.css $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/chrome

Open the theme manager, you can now see the Slickness theme as a theme when you click on it , it suggests a wallpaper, click apply to apply the wallpaper!

the icon theme it suggests is this one:
black-white 2 Style big
Save the file in ~/.icons and extract the archive and go into System->Prefs->Appearance and Customize the Slickness theme and select icons and then black-white_style big and your done :)

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