Howto: Access Web Based email through Thunderbird

Here is a solution for the web-based email services that do not have pop3/smtp, and the ones that charge for it, this extention acts like a browser and converts the mail to pop3/smtp/imap for thunderbird.
Below is a list of supported web-based email services that this extension supports, following that is an easy install guide to get started, I used yahoo as an example.
Here is the supported web based services:

homtail Hotmail
pop smtp
yahoo Yahoo
pop smtp
lycos Lycos
pop smtp
maildotcom MailDotCom
pop smtp
gmail Gmail
pop smtp
libero Libero
aol AOL
pop smtp
Ok now lets get to the good stuff and set this up!
First lets grab thunderbird email client, click here to have apt install it in firefox or simply do:
sudo apt-get install thunderbird
Now once that is installed lets grab a few extentions for thunderbird.

Right click and save Webmail Extention to your desktop:
WebMail Extention
Open up thunderbird and click on tools->Addons->Install and select the extention you saved to the desktop.
Now once installed restart Thunderbird and grab the addon's addon from this page.
Here is the yahoo extention, right click save as:
yahoo Yahoo-1.3.2
Open up thunderbird and click on tools->Addons->Install and select the optional extention you saved to the desktop.
Restart Thunderbird
Now go to the first extension which is the webmail extention, and click on preferences: there you should see the servers

Change the port numbers so they are above 1024 (be sure to change the ports also in your server settings when you create an account.) and then start the services pop and smtp.

Now go add an account and select “Webmail”. Your username is your full yahoo email address. (Probably the port settings are already correct.

Don't download your mail yet!

Go to Extra, Addons, Webmail, Preferences, Domains
There you should see a list of some hotmail domains. If you don't probably the servers are not running (or your firewall is blocking something.)

If the servers are running in the Webmail extension, but you still can't see the domain, then your WebmailData directory has incorrect permissions. Give read, write and execute permissions for your user to the WebmailData directory:
chmod 700 ~/.thunderbird//WebmailData

If you have still this problem, try to disable your firewall. As root do:
iptables -F

If you don't have this list: then you will get an error “undefined is a unsupported domain” when you try to download your email. (check your domains and servers as described before)

Otherwhise go to the next step

Click on the preferences button for the Webmail-yahoo extension now. Your account will
normally already be selected. For yahoo mail select “Yahoo (BETA)”

Download your mail, it will ask for a password, type it in and your mail should be

If you get "negative vibes from": this mostly means that the extension can't understand the website. Make sure you select yahoo beta and if that still doesnt solve the issue, contact the developer
Developer's Site

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