Tweak Ubuntu Gutsy with Ubuntu Tweak

*Set Session Settings, Change Splash Screen, Change Services
*Change Icons,Compiz Fusion Tweaks, Gnome Tweaks, Nautilus Tweaks
*Enable BurnProof Technology in Ubuntu Gutsy
*Enable Overburn and show advanced Permissions in Nautilus
*Configure Power Management and Hardware settings
*Security Settings, disable run, lockscreen, printing, print setup, save to disk, userswitching, display information message when no password needed..
*Configuration Options for commonly Used applications

Hey, a bugfix and user experience improvement version of Ubuntu Tweak is now released!

In this version, it still hasn’t been added more tweak options, just one tweak option: the opacity menu with Compiz Fusion. That you can set your menu with 90% opacity by just toggling the check button on!

Other details here.

Ubuntu Tweak 0.2.1 Release Notes:

  1. Removed the useless OK button;
  2. When you select a father item, it will automate expand the child items;
  3. The items and the content is resizable now;
  4. The main window is resizable too;
  5. Added a tweak option that you can easily set your menu with 90% opacity;
  6. Support Brazil language(Thanks to Williams)

OK! Recommend to download.

Debian Package:



Source Code:


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