Ubuntu VS Windows Vista on Google Trends...

ubuntu windows vista
Wow check out these results... It seems more people are searching and talking about Ubuntu right now than Windows Vista! Ubuntu has come a long way and so has microsoft in the opposite direction. Personally Ubuntu works better on all my pc's and hardware than vista and it is surely fast and better than the competition. Ubuntu is steadily getting more popular and more stable and has grown more and more favorable to the world. It is wonderful to see the world become enlightened and hopeful for open source systems.

Now lets take a look at the Ubuntu Forums activity vs Windows Forums activity...
ubuntu forums windows forums
hmm looks like more people are talking about Ubuntu, and less about windows. This does not supprise me at all, since Ubuntu is a new thing, and it is a good change, we all have seen blogs about grandparents using Ubuntu and Girlfriends using it too, my girlfriend uses Ubuntu and loves it, she absolutely loves Desktop Effects, Gimp and Pidgin. What do you think about Ubuntu?

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